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Bratzillaz Cafe Zap Playset

Cafe Zap Playset
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Your young child is going to take this Cafe Zap Playset - a great Bratz doll made by Bratz just about everywhere. I believe you will like that the doll offers this feature of cool cafe playset for bratzillaz and their pets. UPC Number 035051514893. The doll is 3.38" Height x 0.88" Length x 5.38" Width. It weighs around 1.54 lbs. The warranty is: ninety day warranty against defects. We want you to get the best price and service when acquiring a Bratz doll for your kids. Please, visit the button.


Model: 514893
UPS: 035051514893
Package Quantity: 1

Bratzillaz Cafe Zap PlaysetGlam gets wicked with Bratzillaz! After a long day of brewing spells, the Bratzillaz and their pets can relax in the Cafe Zap playset. Cool cafe playset for Bratzillaz and their petsLightning flash and thunder sounds inside the special brew makerCoffee bar with 2 styles: spinning book shelf becomes a fireplaceIncludes 8 food accessoriesProduct Measures: 9"by 5"by 11. 75"Recommended Ages: 8+ years These Bratz are the only fashion dolls that help girls achieve their dreams with special witch powers, wicked glam fashions and adorable mischievous pets!

After a extended day of brewing spells, Bratzillaz dolls and their pets (sold separately) can chill out inside the Bratzillaz Café Zap play set for young kids ages six and up. Your child's Bratzillaz dolls can sit on the included stools and enjoy six café treats from the tiered shelves. Brew some coffee with all the magic coffeemaker that lights up and makes sound, or spin the bookcase to see the hidden fireplace.

Let Bratzillaz dolls chill out on their stools as they enjoy café treats from the tiered shelves and coffeemaker. Coffeemaker Emits Lights and Sound View larger.

Push the red button on leading in the brewing machine, and also the inside lights up and plays magic brewing sound effects. When the brew is ready, children can remove the coffee pot to pour coffee for their Bratzillaz dolls. Spin the Bookcase to See the Hidden Fireplace The base from the coffeemaker's stand includes a space for your Bratzillaz doll's pet to rest.

The café 's bookcase consists of a hidden fireplace you can reveal by spinning the center panel. When needed, the fireplace inside the café is easy to activate by just spinning the bookcase. The Bratzillaz insignia is displayed above the mantel.

The Café Zap play set gives Bratzilla dolls a fun place to hang out. View bigger. Two Stools for Friends to Sit and Chat

Two Bratzillaz dolls can sit inside the included red-and-gold stools. Six Caf´ Treats for Bratzillaz to Enjoy The stools put dolls in the perfect height to enjoy a treat from the three-tiered treat table. The dolls' shoes fit neatly on the footrest, while a slim gold strap will maintain each doll in spot.


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