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Bratzillaz Doll - Maygana Broomstix

Doll Maygana Broomstix
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One of the key features for this product is the each character has her own fashionable outfit and boots. Other features include things like articulated, posable bodies. UPC# 035051517320. It's 11"H x 1.75"L x 3"W. It has got a weight of 0.66 lbs. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer is: ninety day warranty against defects. Looking for Doll Maygana Broomstix .


Model: 517320
UPS: 035051517320
Package Quantity: 1

Wickedly stylish cousins of Bratz, Bratzillaz are glamorously bewitching with their unique fashion outfits and spooky, witch-inspired accessories. These fully poseable dolls will delight kids six and older with their glass eyes, witchy fashions, and magic spell cards. Each Bratzillaz doll comes with her personal special spell, a unique witch mark symbol, plus a favorite little pet.

Meygana Broomstix has her very personal"witch mark-Wings"symbol on her arm. View larger. A Fashion Doll employing a Bewitching Twist

The Meygana Broomstix Bratzillaz doll will enchant your child with her vivid glass eyes and colorful hair style. Doll lovers will especially enjoy playing with Meygana's sparkling, silky cape, which is fastened with a Fashion Magic School brooch. Her outfit blends high-fashion couture with classical witch mythology, creating for a distinctive, whimsical appear.

Character card reveals Augmented Reality content when it is help as much as a webcam. Get Access to the Bratzillaz Online Portal View larger.


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